The radiologist at Regional Radiology act as expert consultants to your referring physician to help his/her choose the proper exam to be performed, interpret your final images and provide recommendations for further studies.

Screening mammography is a toll used to detect early breast cancer in otherwise asymptomatic women. Diagnostic mammography is used to evaluate a patient with an abnormal clinical finding such as a breast lump or breast pain. Regional Radiology has subspecialty radiologist who are known experts in mammography and are available to physicians and patients for consultations and interpretations.

Yes, Regional Radiology only uses state of the art diagnostic imaging equipment. The group maintains imaging standards that are the forefront of the industry. All of our equipment is HIPPA-compliant as well.

Yes, our radiologist are board certified and fellowship trained in order to accommodate the needs of our partners and their patients.

The group follows an integrated peer review quality assurance monitoring program to ensure report accuracy and timely reporting.